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December 3, 2008
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Digital Art stamp by Lumaris Digital Art stamp by Lumaris
I didn't mean for it to sound rude if it does...
This is rather inspired from how many people I've seen/read that think digital art is "not true art" because it's made on the "computer." Seriously. There ARE people that think the computer does it for you. <.<

:bulletred: Digital art has it's advantages, and so does traditional art.
:bulletred: Traditional art is very difficult, but so is digital art.
:bulletred: Neither one is quick.
:bulletred: You have to learn the program you use to digital paint, just like you have to learn the colors and texture of the traditional paint before you can make a masterpiece.

I'm not saying digital art is better, and I'm not trying to bite off the heads of people who think it's a piece of cake. I'm just saying ...

free to use anywhere stamps are accepted o.O. (only subscribed members can put it in their journal/shoutbox using the thumb code.)
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ScourgeTheKiller225 Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can imagine something like this happening

Traditional artist: Hey, do you like this drawing I made with all my watercolours?
Digital artist: Wow! That's really cool! You like this drawing I made with Photoshop?
Traditional artist: Photoshop? Like on the computer?
Digital artist: Yeah!
Traditional artist: That's not real art.
Digital artist: Why not?
Traditional artist: Because the computer just does it for you. Digital artists are lazy because of that.
Digital artist: .........gtfo...
CrazyZombie8 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
While Traditional and Digital are both very challenging, require talent and practice, and are both time consuming, the main problem I have with this whole debate is that Traditional is more challenge, astronomically more time consuming, as well as resource consuming.

I feel as though digital tools give artist such an unbelievably amount of crutches to lean on... Sure sketching is about the same I suppose, save the simplicity of not having to work with paper (no tears, no wrinkles, no crumple-scrap-start fresh's) But anything further than that and digital artists have a huge upper hand. Everything you do is so quick with digital, so quick to do and to fix. If you were to make a super detailed full colored piece with a background and all the whistles digitally, and were to try to replicate it traditionally...? I mean, when it comes to finished pieces, what would take an hour to color, shade and detail digitally will guaranteed take several hours + to come near traditionally... 
You need to find the colors, and if you dont have to the colors you have to take the time blending or mixing until you hopefully can get the color you need (this can take an incredible amount of time. Digital color scales are a godsend, don't deny it) plus even after that, if you're doing any kind of wet media (Paint, Markers) you have to wait for each and every layer to dry before you can even touch it, that or risk messing up and crumple-scrap-star fresh again. (mad respect for watercolor artists, I have no idea how they do it!)
Plus the effects... aren't their loads of easy access "effects" and tools in digital tools? Like, things that adjust the shade, or tone, or contrast at the touch of a finger? You're usually gonna have to crumple-scrap-start fresh if you want to re-contrast your traditional piece... I'm sure theres more, like my personal favourite, the fill tool! You can pour a color into as big a sealed off space as you want with one click? What!? Thats amazing! Seriously. Technology is amazing. And its amazing because of how easy and/or instant it makes everything! And the easy and instant of technology does not exclude digital art mediums.

As for the resources... Either way you have to pay to play but... With digital, its usually a one pop price and your set for life, while traditional readily and regularly cost the artist, Like, have you SEEN the prices of high end art materials!? I suppose 5-10 bucks per paint tube isn't so bad in hindsight, but when you need to buy 20+ colors your easily spending hundreds of dollars, and it will run out! I personally have spent prolly double the price of a decent tablet in traditional supplies in the last 3 years ono
Heck, some of those amazing full colored acrylic or oil super professional commissions you see probably cost the artist half the price they're selling it for!  Hence why i'm so bothered by people devaluing traditional by refusing to pay more, or even the same price for digital pieces... 

I totally have respect for all artists of any kind, i'm a traditional artist who's been seriously looking into starting to learn digital, but you need to recognize all the aspects of the two. Personally I dont think digital vs traditional anything should even be compared as they are two completely different worlds, but, that's unfortunately not gonna happen :/

...I dunno, i'm in a constructive discussion/debate mood, forgive me xD
MelodyGold Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
having unlimited resources that digital art offers does not make it even a fraction easier, only convenient.
 traditional art is only harder due to the fact that you can hardly make mistakes on your actual work- but experts know that you have to sketch and what not.
drawing digitally In no way makes your art look any better if you don't have the skills.
CrazyZombie8 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
I wasn't trying to say that the lack of paying for more resources made digital art easier, that's why it had it's own separate paragraph from the things that do : O (in fact I don't think there's anywhere in that that alludes to unlimited resources directly(or indirectly) results in digital being "easier")

additionally, in regards to your last statement, I'd suggest re-read the very first sentence, where I specify that digital art takes skill and practice just as any form of art would ;3 Don't lose sight of the initial statement when reading an argument, it's there for a reason! ;D

Also, apologies if I come of as rude, I don't intend to be in the slightest, i'm just... not the best at making typed words have a pleasant tone, I suppose?
MelodyGold Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I wasn't referring to your paragraph I just wanted to add more Ideas generally.
I guess it was my mistake that I attached my comment to yours.
CrazyZombie8 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014
Sorry, seeing it as a reply I kinda thought it was, y'know, a reply? xD s'all good though~ :hug:
MelodyGold Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
like I said, my mistake.
i'm sorry
Meow :3 
YuxuOorius Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  Student Digital Artist
My art teacher said that digital artist are lazy I'm like I get a butthurt teacher wow fuck him. Cause we were doing a art contest and my friend asked can we do digital art and he said "digital art doesn't take 10-21 hours to make" I'm like oh my fuck how is he a damn art teacher and I mean.

I was so fucking pissed I'm like you think digital art is any fucking easier than traditional art.
and I gotta admit traditional art is as hard as digital but some people are good at each that's why some people think digital artist make everything so easily and some digital artist think traditional artist are lazy
but their both the same even one mistake in digital art can actually ruin your whole drawing just like traditional
their both equally hard and the same.

I hope i don't get flamed. QvQ thanks :D
KrisCynical Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
That right there is bountiful evidence that your art teacher has absolutely no idea WTF he's talking about and I daresay he's probably never even touched a digital art program in his life. :unimpressed:

When people say things like that to me I usually tell them, "Okay, if it's so easy then why don't you go and make a really amazing digital illustration right now and show it to me when you're done. It better be friggin' MIND BLOWING, too, because after all, it's ~easy.~"
YuxuOorius Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2014  Student Digital Artist
So true I don't get what's my teachers problem with digital art :/
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