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Random from Written Work that Rocks

Underground Alliance5
Chapter 5-Capturing Victor
Rhyna stepped over to Corbin and knelt down next to him. "Thanks for not telling them." She said as she slowly raised her hands up to the cut on Corbin's face. "Here, let me look at that." She hissed as she turned his head to get a better look. Blood had dried along the edges. "This may hurt a little." She said sympathetically. Reaching into her belt pouch, she pulled out a small roll of bandages and cleaning cloths. Opening her water skin, Rhyn poured some water on the rag, and gently began to clean his wounds.
"Do you mind if I ask you how you managed to get caught?" Talyn asked as he leaned against a tree. "I'm mean, you are a hunter. Shouldn't you be able to not get caught?" He grinned, his tone curious instead of accusing. 'Not like we have much room to talk.'
Corbin watched Talyn, and saw some part of his thoughts in his eyes. "I could ask the same of you two, with you being assassins, but things go wrong
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 1 20
Arguing With Myself
Why does it hurt so much?
I should have seen it coming way before lunch.
She tells me a caring line.
Which basically means where through but don’t worry you’ll be fine.
Man what was I thinking?
Saying that she could feel the same as my feeling.
Why did I even try it?
After I messed up every bit.
No! What are you saying you fool.
You know you wouldn’t trade it no matter how cruel.
But, it hurts so much.
Yes but it was all amazing before lunch.
Yes you’re right but when will it ever stop hurting.
Maybe in a week maybe never just don’t go blurting.
Why shouldn’t I tell her how I feel?
Because when she rejects you again it may never heal.
That may be true but I don’t care.
Weren’t you just saying how she made your good feelings rare?
Yes it’s true, but those good feelings give me strength.
Yes maybe now but when she says no they will lose there length.
I know but I will wait for the moment to tell her.
When she says no your good feelings will be
:iconruben-kepler:Ruben-Kepler 3 3
Underground Alliance4
Chapter 4-Meet the Army
Rhyna had a bad feeling as she left Victor tied to the tree. ‘What do they mean that he'll be too much of a risk? As a vampire, he could quite easily cause a diversion long enough for us to get in and out without anyone knowing. But I guess that Corbin has known him longer, so we should trust his judgment.’ She shook her head to clear it, and kept pace with Talyn and Corbin.
"So is it true? Are the soldiers really telling everyone about a pair of assassins?" Rhyna asked after a few moments of silence. The army had only discovered their identities because they had gone to protect the town of the Himazak, but were betrayed by someone in the city. They had managed to find the traitor, but not before their identities had been revealed to the army. Now it was either they stop the message getting to the Emperor, or they spend the rest of their days in hiding.
"I'm afraid so. You two are in a lot of trouble if w
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 1 37
the story of lilith
Chapter 1
Before you were a twinkle in your farther eye, before I a breath in my mothers lungs. There were storeys, there has always been storeys, as far back as word or human mind there was storey to fill them.
I shall take you far back in time, to legend and tail. On the whisper of the wind came news of a new army, a new people. Hair as red as fire, and religion as brutal as there tongue.
They were Celts, fears warriors, a thing of strength. True there methods were unheard of an true they were feared, but no one likes to be beneath another on the food chain.
The Celts waged war and conquered many lands and so people began to fight, humans always fight in some stupid elusion that they will win all an lose nothing.
One of the things the Celts were renowned for was there triumphant chant, followed by a glass of there enemies blood to absorb there strength.
Everyone has a purpose, a reason they are useful an so people were giving special names witch would follow there first. Archer for t
:iconfrozenangle:frozenangle 2 40
Underground Alliance3
Chapter 3-They Leave Victor
Talyn cleared his throat and eyed Rowena and Aramus, "Do you have somewhere better to be?"
Rowena shook herself awake and grabbed Aramus' hand. "Of course. We should be getting back. Don't you think so, Aramus?" She pushed him away from the clearing, waving quickly as they left.
"That was odd," Rhyna said, raising her eyebrow.
Talyn turned back to the hunter, "There is no reason in particular that we are looking for them."
"Liar. Only assassins carry silver tripwire around with them. Especially assassins from Emalric." Corbin shifted his grasp on the vampire. "What's the real reason you are searching for the army? I hear they are carrying an important message for the Emperor. This wouldn't have anything to do with that message, would it?" he smiled.
Victor rolled his eyes, "Are you really that incompetent? They are the assassins the soldiers are spreading rumors about. The soldiers just attacked and destroyed H
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 1 19
Underground Alliance2
Chapter 2-The Group Meets
Aramus was having a terrible time trying to extract the asphodels from the hard ground without severing the root.  Fairly grumbling now, his strong hands were no match for the gentle red flowers.  "This is not man's work," he muttered to himself, discarding another broken blossom and several crumpled petals.
A woman's voice, certainly not Rowena's, broke his concentration.  Startled, to his great embarrassment he jerked up suddenly, stumbling forward and stomping down on the patch of flowers.  He groaned, running a hand through his dark unbound hair.  "It's not as if I was doing a very good job of it anyway," he reconciled to himself, rubbing his dirt-covered hands free of dirt before turning his attention to the newly arrived strangers.
He felt rather than saw Rowena joining him at his side.  Together they faced the man and woman, the former obviously s
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 1 9
Underground Alliance
Chapter 1-The Beginning
The day was cool and pleasant, the caliber of which those in the colder lands to the north only dreamt of.  In the kingdom of Nor, it was simply another typical day of pleasant, temperate weather, undisturbed by bothersome gusts of wind or gales of rain.  And in a forest that had many names, the most common being the Woods of Emerly, Aramus Felle and Rowena Fairchild meandered slowly.
Aramus, towering above petite Rowena by nearly a foot, had a mischievous glint in his green eyes and a smirk planted firmly across his face. Blissfully unaware, Rowena walked on silently, her own eyes casting about the various plant life surrounding them in search of certain herbs and plants she needed to find.
And then, without any warning at all, Aramus did the unthinkable: Reaching out with a calloused hand, he grabbed at one of Rowena's abundant garnet curls and pulled. Infuriated, the young healer whirled on him,
:iconsleepisoptional:sleepisoptional 8 31
Summer Adventure
It was a hot summer day when she stepped out of the car. "Am i REALLY going to spend the next 2 weeks here with Mom mom and Pop pop?!?” I shouted to my mom who was right in front of me in the car. I was sooo excited to stay with them for the next two weeks.
"YES!! For the last time, yes! Geez, I would think you would believe me when I said we crossed into Ohio." Then she turned to my dad, "Told you she would be ecstatic when we finally got here." She walked around a bit and stretched out her legs after the 9 hour car ride.
"Yeah, well, i guess i was wrong, sorry." My dad had a way with usually being right, but somehow this time he was wrong. It was a surprise to my ears that he didn't think i would be this excited. I thought he knew me better...
I yawned and stretched, I was surprised to find I was tired after sleeping most of the ride. I just shrugged off my sleepiness as my Pop pop came outside, arms open wide. “Pop pop!! I missed you!!” I ran over to him and gave him
:iconwildlamb94:WildLamb94 1 5
John Henryism
John Henryism
I feel like a tall man,
I feel like a tall man,
I feel like seeing further than anyone else can.
Everyone gets in fighting moods,
I just like to fight big things.
Maybe I’m a giant myself.
This is the bottom of some kind of barrel,
Not the legend barrel just yet, but I’m trying,
Can I ever be forgiven this one selfish thing?
My eyes begin to pierce the darkness but my faith no longer does!
I don’t care, I really don’t care,
I’m the most dangerous thing out here.
I feel no equality in the way she matches me,
No way to cope with the love I feel.
And why am I making a challenge of the wrong things?
My eyes begin to pierce the darkness but my faith no longer does!
I need help, I really need help,
Making this world (also my world) insurmountable is bad for my health.
Machine sputtering behind on the railroad,
I’m still breathing,
But not for long.
Anything that will help you…
I’ll fight anything that threatens your inspiration.
Until it
:iconboss-of-the-game:Boss-of-the-Game 1 13
Dark Hole, Bright Sky
Dark Hole, Bright Sky
Darkness swirls,
an endless pit.
Darkness consumes,
There's no proventing it.
The hole is bleak,
dispair thrives.
Up you must seek,
or you'll lose your lives.
Pity is present,
self consuming.
It's there without consent,
and it is winning.
Until you look up,
and find your way out,
you'll always be stuck,
no matter how loud you shout.
Light is there,
bright for you to see.
Seek it if you dare,
and you'll be free.
It's there forever,
like the earth itself.
Whether you see it ever,
it's up to yourself.
The sky's still sharp,
with it's brightness.
So if you're smart,
you'll find it's holyness.
Climb out of the darkness,
finally see the light.
You can clean up the mess,
Be in a new, bright light.
:iconvampiress363:Vampiress363 3 14
Dragon Children
Dragon born and dragon bred
Ready to live the life to be led.
Angry humans are ready to kill,
Good little dragon babes
Over the tall rocky hill.
Now the mountain's empty,
Cold wind plays in the caves.
How could majesty that wild and free
In the cold ground stay?
Lost in the human world alone
Dragon children hidden roam
Remembering the glory days
Etheral dreams are like
Nothing left of these past ways
We now walk alone.
And gone, too, are our like
Left for the saftey of the hidden paths
Kept out with force and hatred
All our people have past
Leaving us to walk our paths
On our lonely own
Nothing left but hatred
Empty, we walk alone.
:iconiamdragonness:IamDragonness 4 41
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Just trying to make things work.

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Since I check DA more casually than I do planners and notes and Open Office documents...

Art for books:

1. Maps
:bulletred: Refine the current world map to make it upload-worthy (at least a decent sketch, as my current reference is like...bad. Usable. But baaaad.
:bulletred: City map of Tarvin
:bulletred: City map of Lumaris
:bulletred: City map of Nobilon
:bulletred: City map of Hazel Wing
:bulletred: City map of Eko
:bulletred: City map of Aruln

2. Creatures
:bulletred: Wyvern species
:bulletred: Drake species
:bulletred: Four-legged dragon species
:bulletred: Various prey and predatoral species native, ie the "magical" counterparts to known species

3. Main architecture buildings/settings
:bulletred: Markets
:bulletred: Harbors
:bulletred: Ship designs for the main trade posts of the world
:bulletred: Lumaris palace/hold
:bulletred: Tarvin fortress
:bulletred: Machine Under the City
:bulletred: the Blood Temple
:bulletred: Temple of Nobilon/Hazel Wing
:bulletred: Temple of Tarvin
:bulletred: Nobilon castle
:bulletred: the great hall of kings
:bulletred: Racing/fighting stadiums/arenas (Hazel Wing, Underground Trade, and Tarvin -relevant) 
:bulletred: Council of Fienyn
:bulletred: Council of the Pyrasi Government 
:bulletred: Nature's Heart

4. Realms
:bulletred: Known World
:bulletred: Old World
:bulletred: The Crescent Isles
:bulletred: The Aeteli Realm
:bulletred: Shadow Realm

5. Characters
:bulletred: Saia Talidor
:bulletred: Jamyn (youth/older)
:bulletred: Kiryn Talisson
:bulletred: Arleen Riverden
:bulletred: Klithen Ethranyn
:bulletred: Talius High Priest/Vassal of Aidian
:bulletred: Rudak
:bulletred: Aidian
:bulletred: Eliot 
:bulletred: Anya
:bulletred: Melia
:bulletred: Adeela
:bulletred: Elian
:bulletred: Shadow King
:bulletred: there are too many more to list, but ffff will later sort by book if I haven't gone through all these.

6. Scenes
:bulletred: Pretty much any and all WIPs in the works, I need to finish and then evaluate.

Writing Limora 

This is the heftier task, as once the world building is complete (which will be, if in note form in various sketch/notebooks) you'd think the story would just fall into place but that's not how it works. Not for me, anyway. It helps in giving me barriers and constructs (Social and physical obstructions) so that conflicts will undoubtedly happen and can change the course of someone's timeline. But, I need to figure the overall tone, message, and feel of the book while plotting it out and making sure the characters all stay in character.

Book I, Fall of Tarvin was complete, in the planning stage, but now I've done so much future-world building that it is no longer entirely accurate. So, updated to do writing list:

:bulletred: Rework plot for Voices v1, 2, 3 -
:bulletred: begin with the overall plot,
:bulletred: break it down into Archs.
:bulletred: Once each Arch is developed, break those down into chapters. 

Remember that writing is an art, and if you want the overall picture to look well, start with the bones and make sure the muscles and tissue attaches accordingly, in the most fluid way possible, so as to look confident and effortless. Not rigid and flat.

The subsequent series is subject to changing based on what happens/doesn't happen in this first series. This is the prequel to the characters that I created some 15 years ago, and their personal stories will unfold based on what happens here. Fortunately there are some things that won't change, but there is still a lot of wiggle room. 

Essentially, a lot of art and a lot of writing in the works.
Just need to finish my commissions and then I'm essentially free. Maybe.
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Should I post Voices online chapter by chapter or wait until I've finished and self published to release it?… 

7 deviants said Yes, I would read it!
7 deviants said Yes, I'm not a reader/won't/don't have timeto read - but the act of posting online versus waiting to finish and publish doesn't bother me.
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